A downloadable game

Thanks to everyone who downloaded, played and gave me feedback on the super early prealpha demo.

Official demo release coming soon! (Late 2020 - Early 2021)



Updated 13 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tags3D, boomer, doom, FPS, quake, Retro, retrofps
Average sessionA few minutes

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This is coming along nicely. The visual style is the strongest part of the presentation right now (the visual damage indication on the floating squid guys is a nice touch). A few notes:

  • Camera sensitivity is incredibly high. Even with the slider at the minimum, I had to halve my mouse DPI (to 400) to get it to something fairly comfortable.
  • Slow motion seems to slow your turn speed. I assume that is not intentional. Might try multiplying the mouse axis by the inverse of the ratio of your slow motion to normal simulation speed.
  • Movement seems excessively fast (though I like the snappy acceleration/deceleration). Some of this perception is probably related to the extremely high FOV.
  • Double jump is a bit awkward with a quake style queued jump (on the same key), in my opinion.

Thanks for checking it out and for your thoughts on it! You should have been able to change mouse sensitivity during the game in the escape menu. The slowmo affecting the mouseview is definitely intentional. It feels nicer and more consistant (atlaest to me), and makes for tricky shots to be more rewarding since you need to have the mouse relatively close to the target before turning slowmo on. Making the perfect shot during slowmo would be too easy otherwise. I feel you regarding the double jump, definitely share your sentiment. I'm trying a bunch of stuff atm to see if I can reconcile the different behaviors I want for it in a good way. It's tricky :0

Much appreciated feedback!


Pretty good. Definitely plays a lot better than it seems to from videos. The movement feels a bit odd but that might just be a me thing. However I feel like the guns were way too slow considering how many enemies you fight and how most of them take multiple hits to kill. Whenever I got the fast fire powerup the rate of fire and general damage output felt a lot better.

Wow I'm a little star struck right now, thanks so much for checking it out! Movement is very much wip, still need to finetune that a lot. Enemy hitpoints too (everything else too actually lol). I hope Ultrakill is coming along well, I'm sure it'll be amazing (one of the few games I'm excited for nowadays)

My head hurt a little afterwards, but it's because I didn't realize I was gritting my teeth the entire time until it was over. Awesome game, can't wait to see what future updates bring.

Thanks a bunch for that motivation :o) !


Very good gunplay gun models and enemy designs. Very floaty controls when jumping and strafing. I love the splash screen art.

Tip - do not use default Unity Screenshake effect for gun recoil - the camera should simply go up and spring back to position not just shake in all directions - this effect is only suitable for earthquakes or standing close to an explosion for example. 

I hope that wave based arena gameplay is just for alpha testing and the game will have proper levels. I don't mind a horde mode survival mode as a bonus but these get really old if that's all what the game is.  

Thanks for checking it out! You're right about the screenshake, that's definitely on the to-do list. The game will absolutely focus on the campaign and story mode. The survival game mode is just perfect for playtesting and help me during development. 

I do hope that eventually streamers find the game and start competing and chasing eachothers highscores in endlessmode.. that would be so cool!

quite nostalgic :)

Thanks a buch for this! Was a whole lot of fun to watch and gave me some superb feedback!


so good

Awesome  , thanks for checking it out!